Hey, I'm Max ! 👋

I'm a UI/UX Designer with 4 years -and counting- of professional experience, and I've been making front-end stuff as a hobby for almost a decade.
Wanna learn more about me ? Welcome to my digital space !

Problem solving enthusiast

Love a good challenge? So do I ! Whether it's untangling a complex design issue or finding a good code solution, I thrive on turning problems into opportunities.

Game design explorer

Venturing into the world of game design is a hobby of mine. I love learning and experimenting with creating gaming experiences.

Photography enjoyer

Through the lens, I like to capture moments that tell compelling stories. Photography is a way for me to shift my perspective and see the world differently.

Adventure seeker

Wanderlust fuels my creativity : camera and notepad in hand, new adventures and experiences always inspire fresh ideas !

Less talk more action, here's some of my projects !

Most of them are unfinished, the others are old and I should definetly undust them a little... this is a sort of to-do list for me more than a display.

Update 6 coming soonNetwork Of Outer-Space Ventures & Achievements 5

Embrace outer-space as a freelancer, discover planets and use drones to mine resources ! What started as a JavaScript learning project has transformed into a collaborative journey, shaped by both my new learning goals and the players.

What if Hyrule Had Brands ?

Dive into the enchanting world of Hyrule, not through the lens of Link, but through the eyes of branding. Imagine if the bustling markets and mystical landscapes of The Legend of Zelda had their own logos ? Welcome to my collection !

UnfinishedKing's fall

In this unfinished browser game, you step into the paws of a clever fox on a quest for notoriety. This isn't your typical animal kingdom adventure; instead, it's a rock-paper-scissors-inspired game, blending randomness and strategy with a hint of RPG elements.